93% of online experiences start with a search.

With a wealth of digital expertise we are able to manoeuvre your placement on Google via strategic SEO targeting to give you prime exposure to the people you want your brand to meet.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most misunderstood digital disciplines, but here at Creo we understand the importance of building it from the ground up. We don’t take shortcuts that will later backfire, we build SEO functionality directly into our sites giving your brand longevity amongst content based listings. SEO can be a marketing mind field so we believe in a straight-talking approach that gives our clients the opportunity to understand it for themselves, so they can be provided with the knowledge and tools to continue to be on top without our help.

We are big believers in SEO being a process, not a project and something that needs to evolve as you do. Our methods cover everything from carefully constructed copywriting to optimising landing page experiences for mobile. We tailor your SEO strategy to your specific needs and we will deliver progress updates giving you a breakdown of the techniques that work best for you. Our aim is to future-proof your brand so your Google ranking can stand the test of time. We will commit to providing you with the services that will maintain and boost your ranking long-term and in the most ethical manner possible.

Website Review

If you already have a site then it’s always best for us to give it a review so we can grasp your current SEO functionality and where there is room for improvement. We can assess how well the content has been optimized, its social popularity and also who else is linking to your site. Our SEO techniques will always link to your social media accounts to ensure your site is being seen by the right people.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are crucial for connecting your site with search engines and their users. We thoroughly investigate your brand, its competitors and the current market to identify the keywords that will be most effective for building your SEO.

These keywords will go on to shape your SEO through copywriting and sitemaps which will then help us to holm in on your target audience.

Content Review

To achieve strong SEO, content cannot afford to be ignored. We review your current content and how it affects your SEO. Is it keyword rich or poor? We then pick apart or re-word content so it can reach prime optimization.

We know best what the Search Engines crave – targeted, quality sites brimming with unique and interesting content that utilises targeted keywords to form Meta data, title tags, headings, body copy and calls to action to solidify your place on the top spot on Google.


Link building is another of our SEO methods in which we strategically target sites of interest to your target audience to place a link to one of your website pages to help drive targeted traffic to your site. A back log of links in relevant places will build brand recognition and cause Google to find your site easier when someone searches for related sites or content.