Cost-effective advertising solutions that start with a click.

Advertising shouldn’t absorb all of your budget before it brings you results which is why Pay-per-click, or ‘PPC’, can be a clever and cost-effective marketing tool. It lets you run campaigns that boost your brand’s online visibility and ensures you only pay for what you think your results are worth.

PPC is an extremely economical choice – you pay only when someone clicks on your link, so any expenditure indicates exposure. Alongside a comprehensive SEO strategy, PPC will significantly raise your profile by driving meaningful traffic to your website.

Creo’s Google AdWords certified consultants place targeted text ads on searches that are relevant to your company, and manage placements of visual ads to target your key audience. By pre-qualifying pertinent keywords and search terms, we make sure your ads are seen by people looking for what you’ve got.

Whether we’re your specialist PPC agency or the architects of your wider digital marketing, our campaigns will focus on ROI and measurable effectiveness. Our teams of specialists can provide a structured campaign, advert copywriting, tracking and detailed analysis of your results.

PPC Audit

If you are new to PPC, we can work with you to show if Pay-Per-Click is right for you and your business model. We know it can be a big step committing to a new form of marketing, which is why we will be on-hand to help you make the right choice.

PPC Campaign Build

After analysing where Pay-Per-Click fits in your digital strategy, we will audit your existing campaigns and make recommendations on a new one. We would review the benefit of using the Search, Display, Shopping and Remarketing channels to ensure we deliver the maximum return on investment for you. After consulting with you we would then build the campaign ready for you to run.

PPC Campaign Management

Once the campaign is live, there’s still work to do. We work tirelessly to ensure your PPC campaign is working at maximum efficiency and delivering the lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). We would look at raising your Google Quality Score by tweaking both your advert and your target page content, making sure it costs less for every conversion.