Great web design combines striking visuals and intuitive useability.

The Internet has changed a lot since we started out over decade ago, but one thing has not: the engaging power of great design.

At Creo, we understand the value of superb web design. The correct execution of carefully considered design can instil trust in a brand and fortify the quality of its products. Our approach is simple: we discover what makes you tick, review your brand, identify your goals, and tailor-make a web experience that your audience will love.

User experience is the heart of our development at Creo. We build beautiful sites that give your users a rewarding experience with your brand that will bring them back for more in the future.

Responsive Design

In an era of mobile technology, we understand the importance of mantaining the look of your online presence, no matter what screen or device it’s viewed on. All of our websites are designed responsively, to ensure maximum impact on your users, and the best mobile browsing experience.

User Interface Design (UI)

Done right, user interface design attracts very little attention to itself. Our mission is to balance the application of design aesthetics to enhance the user’s journey, ensuring they have a visually pleasurable time finding content that’s relevant to them.

User Experience (UX)

Your website should be painless for your users to navigate – every user, every time. At Creo, we think users should be taken on a journey through your site. Their journey should complement your business objective, but should never compromise their reasons for visiting.

Information Architecture (IA)

Information architecture is fundamental to any website, web application, mobile app and social media software. Creating intuitive navigation is a key element in providing a system that users cannot just operate, but more importantly, enjoy. We carefully balance information architecture with the aesthetics that enhance them.

User-centred Design (UCD)

The user is a crucial ingredient to any digital project. If their needs are not met, you’re likely to lose them. We put the user at the heart of our approach, analysing how they interact with you and your digital platforms. By focusing on what they want to find, we construct a framework that aids their journey in an easy and intuitive way.


Our websites are designed and built for everyone. We aim to make our websites accessible for all abilites, providing equal access to information and functionality. We adhere to the guidelines provided by W3C (the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0) and in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.