Welsh Blood Service

The Welsh Blood Service organises the collection, testing, processing and distribution of blood. They rely entirely on voluntary donors to maintain supplies to Welsh hospitals. 

Their mission is ‘Through partnerships with donors and staff, to provide quality services for patients in Wales’

Our Challenge

The Welsh Blood Service came to us with one very important objective – To dramatically increase blood donations in Wales in order to save lives. They wanted to use cleverly targeted and eye-catching social media marketing in order to reach new audiences and increase donations fast. The client wanted to utilise national holidays and innovative marketing and design methods to form the basis for engaging social media content that people would truly care about.

Our Solution

We created four campaigns throughout 2016 surrounding Christmas, Halloween & St David’s day using a mixture of animations, GIF’s, videos and graphics. We helped the client to dramatically increase blood donations by creating dynamic location & blood type specific advertising across Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. This extremely tailored creative alongside a Welsh Blood branded Snapchat filter enabled the organisation to reach and engage a larger audience than ever before. This work followed on to us being asked to create Welsh Blood’s Christmas advert in which we helped tell the success story of a child who’s life was saved by crucial blood donations.


Geo Tag Snapchat Filters
Social Media Campaign Animations & GIFS
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Welsh Blood Service Christmas Campaign
Animated Christmas Advent Calendar Infographics
Halloween Themed Social Media Elements