Dŵr Cymru

Dŵr Cymru is a campaign run by Welsh Water which aims to inspire people to love dŵr (welsh for water) by rebuilding their relationship with water.

They have four Visitor Centres and four Education Centres throughout Wales which allows them a fantastic opportunity to inspire their customers and rebuild their relationship with water. In March 2015 they opened a new visitor centre at Llandegfedd Reservoir. They wanted to use this opportunity to create an interactive touchscreen experience to help people learn about their water cycle.

Our Challenge

The brief was to develop the concept and create a memorable interactive application that would bring Dŵr Cymru’s illustrations to life and help people learn more about their water cycle. Their aim was to engage children and adults alike in an interactive and entertaining manner that would encourage users to be more mindful of water usage.

They wanted a few core messages to resonate with the game users: the amount of work that goes into every drop of water; we all need to work together; and how Dŵr Cymru is different from other water and energy companies.

Our Solution

An eye-catching and totally interactive experience both in the game and also on their campaign site that not only grabs the attention of younger audiences but adults too. Making full use of the Dŵr Cymru illustration style to create visuals that pop to create impact and convey the campaigns vital messages. Both the site and game are bursting with colour, movement and clever copy to reel in the younger generation and fill them with awareness of the importance of mindful water usage in a non-invasive and tactical manner.

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