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Nuffield Health is the largest health charity in the United Kingdom, and operates a range of health and wellbeing facilities around the country.

Nuffield Health’s mission statement is to combine “the best principles of business with the social values of charity”. As a private healthcare organisation, they run over 200 facilities around the country. As a non-profit, they are focused on investing in the cutting edge of healthcare treatments.

Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospitals is a joint venture between Nuffield Health and the former Vale Clinic Ltd. They run the Vale Hospital, Cardiff Bay Hospital and the Cowbridge & Western Vale Group practice. The Vale Hospital is a purpose-built private hospital set in beautiful Vale of Glamorgan parkland, complementing the Cardiff Bay Hospital in the heart of the city. Their facilities are open to all patients – both those with medical insurance, and those who wish to self-fund their treatments.

Our Challenge

Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospitals needed to compete with established private hospitals in South Wales, and an important area of focus for them was an overhaul of their digital marketing.

They needed an extensive website that promoted the wide range of clinics and services that they offer in Cardiff, Cowbridge and the Vale of Glamorgan. In order to make it easy for patients to find them, they needed come high on their natural search engine rankings for their key terms.

Nuffield Health Cardiff & Vale Hospitals offer a huge range of dedicated private clinics in a number of different locations, so it was essential for us to structure the information well.

They needed patients to be able to find information quickly, as well as being able to book appointments and contact consultants on the spot. Their brief to us specifed that their site needed strong calls to action to invite patients to engage with them.

Our Solution

We created their website using our bespoke CMS. With over forty specialist clinics available for their patients, it was essential that the site had an intuitive content structure so that patients can easily find what they need.

We identified the key information on each page and displayed it in the header banners, to give patients a clear idea of where they were on the website. We produced a “menu banner” that displays all the clinics, allowing users to quickly locate the areas they want to move to.

Each clinic’s page provides succinct, accurate information to allow patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Links allow users to move easily to the consultants’ profiles, to see who’ll be caring for them.

We included links to clinic booking forms and further information in the header banners, to make sure there was always an available short-cut to the pages that are most useful to patients!

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