Live Limitless

Live Limitless, a sub-brand of Drop Away Ltd, is the all new brand for a natural supplement to minimise the absorption of fat & sugar from what you eat.

Drop Away Ltd is a UK family-run business. The company was founded in 2012 and during that time has gained itself a huge community following through social media platforms – currently sitting at 140,000 likes on Facebook alone.

The company understood there was an untouched market for natural diet products which were safe to use. Talking to specialists in the UK and Europe they were able to formulate a superb range of natural products, including Live Limitless.

Our Challenge

Seeing the potential of the new product, Drop Away decided to launch it outside of their current branding. Coming to us the company knew the product’s capabilities and ingredients: our challenge was where to take it next.

Knowing that the product was to stand alone, away from any previous company branding, we were tasked with giving the product its own unique identity.

With Drop Away having such a large following it was important that we not only considered them in our brand development process but also targeted a completely new market – taking the brand above and beyond.

Our Solution

The first step was to conduct a branding workshop with the key stakeholders. Our aim of the interactive meeting was to fully understand the product and it’s benefits and help determine where the product could sit within the current marketplace.

During this meeting we discussed in depth the ingredients of the products, it’s various benefits and uses and who the ideal customer was. It was agreed that Drop Away as a company doesn’t naturally sit within that market, and this furthered the need for a standalone brand.

Based on the target market, we decided that the name shouldn’t feel too medical, or sound like a traditional weight loss product. We also decided that it should not relate to, or be a derivative of the company name in order to further it as a standalone product.

What followed was the development of the new product name, ‘Live Limitless’; the brand itself; packaging, working closely with the product manufacturer; product and lifestyle photoshoot; marketing materials; social media development; and ultimately the website.

Web Design - Live Limitless
Web Design - Live Limitless
Brand Identity, Packaging & Photography
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Photoshoot - Live Limitless
Photoshoot - Live Limitless