Established in 1927, Cadwaladers is a family-run chain of ice cream parlours and coffee shops that originated in Gwynedd, Wales.

The company began in 1927 with the Cadwalader family in Criccieth who ran a general store.  Over the years the family concentrated increasingly on the ice cream manufacturing side of the business, eventually to the exclusion of the general produce.

The Ice Cream has a flavour that continues to tempt our customers old and new from miles around and is made from a closely guarded secret recipe, reputedly including the addition of 6 lbs of “shan’t tell you” and “a great deal of love and care”. Cadwaladers is now part of the culture on the Llyn Peninsula  In the 1960s the Company sold their vanilla ice cream exclusively, with the exception of wet fish, which was the last product to be phased out despite providing a somewhat dubious combination!

Unfortunately, Dafydd Cadwalader died in the early 1980s which was when the existing owners, who began to progress the development of other outlets, bought the shop. Its reputation spread and so did the shop network to cope with the local demand.


Our Challenge

Traditionally, Cadwalader’s was famous for its ice-cream. Over the years, though, Cadwalader’s brand has changed. Now, the coffee houses offer a greater product range, and can be found throughout Wales and beyond.

While the company’s physical brand changed significantly over the past few years, its online presence had lagged behind. Until recently, the website itself was dated and uninspiring, but Cadwalader’s Ice Cream parlours are fun, vibrant and colourful! And their coffee houses are welcoming and homely, with comfy leather sofas and traditional furniture.

Our brief was to create a website that combined the fun, colourful aspects of an ice-cream parlour with the relaxed sophistication of a coffee house.

Our Solution

We wanted to create something unique for Cadwalader’s. Being responsive was an important factor, as this, combined with good SEOs meant that visitors would easily be able to locate their nearest store using a mobile device.

Great imagery was key to the success of the website, so we arranged a two-day food styling and photoshoot session to capture some mouth-watering images. We then combined them with bespoke illustrations, parallax movement, and visual references from the stores, to provide interesting background textures for the site.

One of the main requirements from the brief was ensuring that the website fully engaged with the customer. We developed a social media strategy and provided training for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

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