Teflhub was born when retired teacher Dave Le Vesconte set out on a mission to make teaching abroad an easily accessible opportunity for teachers around the globe.

His passion for teaching and travel alongside his desire to spread his knowledge and experience was at the core of the teflhub venture. He wanted to provide an online platform that could help people at every stage of their TEFL journey.

Our Challenge

Founder of teflhub, Dave Le Vesconte wanted us to build him an online resource that would not only host hundreds of teaching job opportunities all over the world but also the materials to help teachers make the most of their teaching abroad experience.

In order for the teflhub services to have the recognition they deserve and to drive as many users to the site as possible we had to figure out how we could best market this asset to teachers and schools and build upon the teflhub online presence.

Our aim was to set teflhub apart from it’s competitors by creating a unique personality across a variety of digital platforms through the creation of a selection of captivating content pieces.

Our Solution

We used our research findings of the teflhub target consumer alongside our experience and knowledge in digital marketing to best assess a plan of action to meet Dave’s goals. We created a sturdy strategy bursting with ideas both online and offline.

We created a strategy which enabled teflhub to infiltrate the interests of its target audience in their online social hangouts. Competitor analysis revealed that content was going to be absolutely key in building the brand and its reputation as a trusted source of teaching abroad opportunities and information. We worked closely with the client to create a variety of engaging visual assets; from a promotional video and social media content through to a newsletter design.

Next we considered the importance of SEO & PPC and designed a strategy to ensure that teflhub could rank highly on google to give the brand a chance of competing in a highly competitive global online market. The results exceeded our expectations

digital marketing strategy for teflhub.com
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Teflhub Brand Ambassador Promotional Video
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