TXO Systems

TXO Systems provide professional asset management services and consultancy.

They work with their clients to responsibly and sustainably acquire, redeploy, resell, and recycle technology assets, allowing them to generate revenues, reduce expenses and achieve corporate responsibility objectives. Founded in 2005 and operating on five continents, TXO Systems’ clients include fixed and mobile operators, leading original equipment manufacturers, large enterprises and a broad range of other channel partners.

Our Challenge

TXO Systems approached us looking for a new site that could effectively and most importantly neatly organise a vast amount of information that could be presented in a highly professional and authoritative manner. They wanted a website that could be the central hub for the company’s marketing efforts – providing content to support all of their sales and marketing ventures and to set them above and beyond their competitors.

The client also wanted us to ensure that the new website could reach a larger audience than ever before, asserting them as a global leader in telecom asset management.

Our Solution

We helped them to create a professional, high-end online presence with an enhanced user interface that truly established the brand as a market leader.

We made sure the site was given a revamp so that the brand’s online image exceeded its competitors and no longer looked dated. We then developed a Smart-Search to showcase their 50,000+ products both effectively and attractively. These steps helped us to create a truly user friendly design with effortless navigation and a professional interface.

We continually work alongside the client to increase their reach to relevant audiences via monthly management of their SEO and CRO. Each month we analyse site performance in order to make new design or content suggestions in order to continually improve their performance through the practice of growth driven design

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