Mizzi Foods

Mizzi Foods is a new coffee & sandwich shop set up by an entrepreneurial husband & wife team and due to open in Cardiff Bay.

The new coffee shop will provide quality fresh food fast to nearby workers.

Our Challenge

We were met with the exciting challenge of creating a brand identity that would reflect the quality and freshness of Mizzi Foods’ products. With our clients having already decided upon the name of the brand (a combination of their names), we were set to create a logo to match alongside additional brand assets such as social media icons and interior mock-up’s.
It was vital that the brand would stand apart amongst local competitors including local stores and corporate chains


Our Solution

An eye-catching logo using a brush script hand drawn look font to reflect the company’s homemade and artisan craftsmanship.

The warm and inviting colour palette was chosen to reinforce comfort and homeliness, with a shock of red brought in as an accent colour to emphasise fine detail.

Our clients were thrilled with the end result and we are all super excited for the big launch coming soon.


Logo design & brand guidelines
Shop signage & interior concepts