Brian MacEntee Architecture & Design

Brian MacEntee Architecture & Design Ltd (BMAD) is based in Cardiff and serves the UK market with a predominant focus in London and the South West.

BMAD thrives upon collaborative working and are dedicated to delivering a high quality Architecture & design service. Their aim is to create the highest quality built form enabling end users to live, work and enjoy their daily lives to the full potential achievable.

Our Challenge

To design a website that not only looked current and was up to speed with functionality trends but that was also a digital reflection of the firm’s design expertise. Essentially a digital embodiment of the architecture firm and all their hard work showcased in a user friendly and attractive manner.

The client wanted the new site to act as verification tool and portfolio to be shown to prospective clients showing off their best work. It was also vital for BMAD to make this site fully responsive to mobile and tablet devices so that they could tap into a much larger audience.

Our Solution

A slick image led website that exudes total professionalism, style and substance. We designed the site in a way to best show off the visual assets of the firm; exhibiting some of their best work through large full high res images.

Our designers worked to create a brochure style site that puts the client’s achievements at the forefront. Despite the large high quality images, site speed was paramount to our developers, who implemented various techniques to ensure a positive and intuitive user experience was achieved. The site was also made interactive with elements reacting seamlessly to the user’s actions making for a smooth user experience on a sophisticated new site.