Creative Director and valleys born Jordan is passionate about all areas of design from branding to interior design and everything in-between.

An avid Liverpool Football Club fan, even nearly bagging a job with them in his younger years and a huge lover of anything and everything 80s related. He describes himself as a 45 year old man stuck in a 27 year olds body when it comes to his music tastes. Lusting after the Miami Vice lifestyle, he says his spirit animal would be a pastel coloured blazer wearing gent sporting Ray Bans and a Lamborghini convertible.
A man of many hobbies, Jordan revels in the delights of guitar playing, drunk power ballad singing, variants of manly sports and DIY. A Graduate of BA (Hons) Graphic Communication from University of South Wales in 2011, Jordan boasts six years of design experience having worked in various creative agencies and a global medical company. He now finds himself at Creo excited to explore creative design solutions for our clients.