Digital Branding

Is it fast becoming essential in the ever evolving technological world?

Here at Creo HQ we work away at creating bespoke branding solutions for our clients, whether it is brand development or building your brand from the ground up. With mobile devices now being accountable for over 50% of online traffic (comScore report) and with such a vast range of devices and platforms to choose from, we have had to learn to adapt to our new surroundings.

Technological advancements have a direct impact on branding and how it is received. How well your logo will work on web, mobile, print, social media, watches, icons, favicons and any other format is now something that needs strong consideration if you want your brand to look at its best wherever it may be viewed. The complex world of apps and technology is constantly shapeshifting and branding needs to follow suit and become responsive to it.

How It’s Done

Formerly two sites would need to be created for mobile optimization to occur. It was expensive and made it difficult to have control over layout as there were so many different screen sizes to adapt to. One mobile site could simply not fit all, so responsive layouts were born. Instead of multiple sites, the original site is able to be morphed to the layout requirements of a particular device or platform to get the best possible visual outcome.

Two of our more recent sites to launch Elementi Cucina and Hair Bauhaus showcase responsive design elements. The sites effortlessly adapt to mobile and tablet formats which through analytics we have discovered are their two main viewing platforms currently. This makes it all the more important for them to be highly responsive.

These advancements are enabling brands to shapeshift to be whatever they want to be and wherever they want to be. It has opened up a world of possibility in terms of brand versatility and offers true scope in innovative branding to grab consumer’s attention. It has given brands the chance to offer more variety, perhaps showcase new forms of their logo and to provoke attention. Responsive branding offers a new perspective which questions why we take notice of some brands more than others.

Why It’s Needed

Traditionally branding was said to be about consistency and  building a solid brand image that looked the same wherever you might come across it to build on recognition, but more recently studies have demonstrated that the more we see something, the less we actually take notice of it. This game changing piece of information came about in a study conducted among UCLA students when asked to recall (and draw) Apple’s ubiquitous logo. Surprisingly, students found it difficult to replicate the exact features of Apple’s iconic logo. This was partly due to “attentional saturation”, where we subconsciously don’t record everything we see and “inattentional blindness”; where we’re too preoccupied to notice other things. The crux of these findings was the idea that our brains are in a constant state of curiosity, focusing on exploring new experiences. This forms the new argument that static branding built on familiarity is not always the way forward and that a little bit of variety and innovation can go a long way in grabbing your consumers’ attention.

So If you are looking to adapt and want to ensure your brand is at the forefront of design or are interested to learn more about digital or responsive branding and how it can help you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call 02920 653066

Richard Ward
Managing Director
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