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How to make the most out of social media to meet your marketing needs
Social Media Cardiff - Top TipsSocial Media Cardiff - Top Tips
Social Media Cardiff – Top Tips

Social Media has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital marketing. It is no longer an optional extra for marketing frontiers but an essential source of brand awareness and audience engagement.

The social media explosion has completely changed the relationship between brands and consumers. The days of brands telling people what to think and what to feel, offering little chance for their audience to have an opinion are over. We have gone from an almost dictator style relationship to a far more democratic one of constant interaction and the sharing of ideas. Social media has given the people a voice, and brands are now the ones having to compete for our attention. The modern day consumer wants to feel involved, a part of something and on a level with their favourite brands where they are free to comment and share. So with all of this in mind, how can you best manage your social media to raise your brand profile whilst satisfying your consumers wants and needs?

Picking the right platform

So first things first, there are tonnes of social media platforms out there but you need to decide which ones will be effective for your brand. Ask yourself, who is your audience? Where do they hang out online? Perhaps they are highly visual and creative individuals who are fans of Pinterest or maybe they are more academic types who love trawling endless conspiracy theories on Reddit. Whatever your consumers interests maybe there is more than likely a platform that suits them. So you just need to establish where they are hanging out on social media and how you can tap into that culture.

Your Social Brand

Like any other form of advertising and marketing you might be doing, it is vital for your brand values and visuals to come across. Your social platforms are part of the bigger marketing picture and there needs to be brand consistency throughout if you want to become widely recognised. Your choice of social media banners, imagery content, tone of voice and the general way you present yourself need to reflect your brand and what you stand for. Social media is a fantastic way of developing your brand visually and also building upon existing values and personality traits.  It is an outlet with a lot of freedom where you can say what you want (within limits), when you want and to who you want so it should be made the most of, and not to mention it’s free!

Content Is King

Regular content not only keeps you current but if done right gives your consumers the incentive to continue to return to your page and in turn be susceptible to your marketing messages. Understanding your audience and their interests outside of your brand is vital. Interacting on a different level perhaps with humour, entertainment or even information  allows your brand to be perceived as not purely a money making machine but an organisation with personality, interests and an attentiveness to your audiences lifestyle choices. If you are just throwing out a bombardment of marketing spiel before even forming a level of engagement then it is likely to fall on deaf ears. Be interesting, humorous or even controversial; whatever it is that tickles your particular consumers fancy.

Cultural Calendar

Any good social media manager will know about the importance of planning content around a cultural calendar of events. Creating monthly calendars where you draw up any events that you may think will be relevant to your audience can be a hugely helpful task in helping you form content. Perhaps they are big sports fan and want to know about the Olympics or maybe they are massively into celebrity culture and want the latest on Kim Kardashian’s new baby. Researching upcoming events that you believe will be of interest to your audience and then creating content surrounding them is a great way to fill up some content space, and if you can somehow link it back to your brand then even better!

Social PR

Social media can be a great way to spread the word and get people talking about you and in turn providing you with valuable content.  Creative ideas with a clever hashtag that people are going to want to re-create and share on numerous platforms are a sure way of gaining mass exposure. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? The highly entertaining and shareable video content gave the charity global publicity which now fantastically has got them a scientific breakthrough.


Competitions can be a really fast method of gaining likers and followers on social media. However a lot of planning and a well thought out strategy needs to be established for you to wreak the most benefits. One of the most important things to consider when running a competition is the appropriateness of the prize. For national or multi-national brands with a wide and varied appeal, the challenge is to find something that will be appealing to the varied audience and that doesn’t exclude large portions of the target market.

The right prize that is tailored to your business and audience will also ensure sure you attract the right kind of people to your page rather than ones solely interested in the prize. The aim needs to be focussed on the long-term rather than just an immediate boost in followers.

Social Media Advertising

Reaching the ‘right’ consumers on social platforms can be difficult with a purely organic reach, most notably on Facebook, but with the increasingly more sophisticated advertising and analytics it is becoming easier, although a bit on the pricey side. Advert management now means you can really holm in on your target demographic by categorising by gender, location, education, age, likes and pretty much anything else you know about your audience! This makes targeted communications so much easier but it does come at a price. Dependant on your budget you can assess what kind of content or what aspect of your business you want to promote the most and prioritize your spending.

So there we have it! A roundup of some of the most effective ways to use social media to its full potential. We have helped many a client here at Creo HQ to achieve their marketing goals through social media training, consultation and management and have some exciting projects in the pipeline! So watch this space…

If you are looking to make the most of social media to achieve your marketing goals then drop us an email or call us on 02920 653066

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