Connecting Facebook and Twitter

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Social Media Cardiff - Connecting Facebook and Twitter
Social Media Cardiff – Connecting Facebook and Twitter

Linking up on social media

Linking your various social media sites to one another is quite a sought after feature and one that is on the rise. Many users who have multiple social media sites find it tiresome having to sign into each one to post a very similar microblog, having the ability to sign into just one or only a few, post your microblog and then share it on all your other social media sites saves the trouble.

The top two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, both have an option to post your status updates/tweets to the other with ease.


Twitter’s option is hidden away in the ‘Profile’ tab of your settings under the ‘Facebook’ title. Simply click ‘Post your tweets to Facebook’ (If you are not currently signed into Facebook then you will now be asked to), your Facebook account name is then displayed along with the option to ‘Connect to Facebook’. Clicking this button will result in your Twitter and Facebook accounts being connected via Twitter, your Facebook page is connected by default but if you have created Facebook pages then these can also be connected to Twitter.

Any tweets you post from now on will also be posted on your Facebook account/pages.


To connect Facebook to Twitter, simply enter into your address bar and continue to click ‘Link my profile to Twitter’. You will then be taken to Twitter (you will be asked to sign into Twitter if you are not already) and then asked to ‘Authorize app’ which will result in you being redirected back to Facebook. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts are now connected via Facebook, a series of checkboxes are shown which allow you to choose what aspects of your Facebook account are displayed through Twitter.

Everytime you now update your status it will also be tweeted via Twitter.

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