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SEO Cardiff - Google Places
SEO Cardiff – Google Places

Why Google Places?

If your business is locally-based with the majority of its customers or clients also locally-based, then you will need to pay more attention to Google Places. According to Google, your listing on Google Places are based on main 3 factors:

  1. Relevance – How well the local listing matches what someone is searching for
  2. Distance – How far is the result from the specified location
  3. Prominence – Is it a prominent listing e.g. a famous museum etc

You can add yourself to Google Places, and you should become listed within a few weeks. Then you’ll show up in local searches.

What to do to get a more prominent listing?

Add user reviews

User reviews are now a necessity. These can be good and bad for your business. However you can swing things in your favour. You find out the link to your Google+ review page and send it to clients you know are pleased with your work. If you don’t it is unlikely they will spontaneously decide to go and review your business.

Increase your inbound links from major data providers

Google wants to see that your listing information matches other well-known and trustworthy sources. They are no longer relying on just the business owner supplied information anymore. What are the major data providers?

NAP matching Place page NAP

I left the acronym NAP to confuse you – it means Name, Address and Phone Number. Basically write it the same way on your site and in your Google Places profile.

Add proper category associations

Make sure that you have used all 5 of the categories that Google offers. You have the ability to create your own categories if they do not have your industry listed. Make sure that the first category, your primary category, is the best suited for your business. Ex: Web Developers. The secondary categories should include your key words and be general but with location specific qualifiers, ex: Cardiff Web Developers.

Include keywords in your listing description

Your Google Maps description has to be short as they impose a character limit,  but it needs to include your keywords. Instead of writing “We are a full service digital agency.” say something like “Full service Cardiff Digital Agency”.

Have location keywords in anchor text for inbound links

Make sure that all those high quality inbound links include actual keywords that are location specific. Instead of it saying “Creo Interactive” to visit website, have it say “Creo – Cardiff web Developers “.

…and what not to do

Don’t get these confused with the list above – these are bad things.

Multiple Addresses

Don’t have multiple addresses on the contact page. Don’t confuse Google.Have your contact page info be consistent with your Google Maps info.

Negative Ratings

Negative customer ratings on your reviews are there for everyone to see. You can’t remove these, but you can bury them with good reviews.

This is just an overview – have a go and see how far you get. If you need any help contact us and we can have a chat.

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