How important is the Quality Score to PPC?

A good Quality Score is rewarded by Adwords
PPC Cardiff - Quality Score
PPC Cardiff – Quality Score

What is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘pay-per-click’, an advertising model that charges whenever someone clicks on your ad. Google Adwords, the internet’s premier PPC service, is a platform used by many businesses to extend their advertising reach in a flexible, cost-effective way.

PPC advertising, sometimes called ‘CPC’ or ‘cost-per-click’, allows advertisers to select keywords that are relevant to their website, and displays customised adverts to users who search for those terms. These paid ads will often be displayed next to ‘organic’ results that have good SEO content.

How does Google Adwords work?

With Google Adwords, every time a user types in a search query, Google assesses the adverts that pay to appear on those searches. They call this process the ‘ad auction’, as they automatically calculate which ads are eligible to appear on Google searches. There are a variety of ways in which to make Adwords work, depending on what your business goals are. Its flexibility is a huge part of its appeal as a platform.

An ad is eligible if it meets certain criteria. It needs to have a high enough Quality Score, but the advertiser also needs to be bidding competitively on the keyword.

Quality means quantity

Why do you need a high Quality Score? In short, it will make your campaigns more effective and more economical. A high Quality Score generally leads to better ad positions, your ads showing more often, and lower costs for your campaign.

Google specifically state that “the Adwords system is set up to identify and reward quality ads”. If your ad is high-quality, you can score more ad extension, which are usesful for you. But they will also receive more ‘impressions’ – displays on users’ searches.

Your rate of impressions is a very real way of gauging the success of your campaign. If your ad isn’t showing, users won’t be aware of your product or service. Google to boosting your number of impressions to reward a high Quality Score is a gift, because this will increase the reach of your campaign.


Quality control

The way to cultivate a good Quality Score is to ensure that your ads align with actual user queries. It helps to remember that, though an Adwords advertiser bids on keywords, they do not target keywords. They target the users who include the keyword in their search term.

When focus is on the users, it becomes clear why Adwords’ Quality Score is so important. Users will recognise an ad that’s relevant to their search, and are far more likely to click it than one that doesn’t address their needs. The relevance of an ad to a keyword affects Quality Score because your ad must be relevant to the user for them to click through to your page.

You can use your Quality Score to judge whether your ad will appeal to enough active users to make your campaign worthwhile. PPC campaigns are ideal for businesses because you pay only when someone clicks on your ad – not when it appears to them. But a successful advertiser uses the Quality Score to ensure that PPC campaigns achieve your business goals in a cost-effective, beneficial manner.

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