The Champions League | Cardiff Survival Guide

Promoting our city

With the anticipation around the lead up to the Champions League in Cardiff and the huge numbers of French, Italian & Spanish sports fans due to flock to the city, we knew we wanted to get involved in the excitement! With the magnitude of the event, we knew that this would be a fantastic opportunity to promote our wonderful city.

We thought about how we could use our design skills to capture our enthusiasm for our city and welcome the thousands, so we came up with our very own ‘Cardiff Survival Guide’. The guide was to include a series of humorous translations of popular welsh slang phrases and a quirky city map designed in house showcasing some of Cardiff’s favourite hot spots. The guide was made available in Spanish, French and Italian and distributed to these nationalities in the city through targeted social media advertising in which we were able to reach UEFA sports fans who had recently arrived in the city. The campaign was also backed up with a series of playful social media posts and videos enabling us to engage and reach a new and captive audience.


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